Hey Girl Yarn Collection

hey girl collection

Hand Dyed Yarn Designed and Crafted

Designed and crafted 

Hey Girl is my lighthearted interpretation of women being awesome. You know all those great ‘Hey Girl' memes of Ryan Gosling complimenting girls for their crafting? I want colourways that are just as supportive, whimsical, and empowering as if Ryan Gosling (or your eye candy of choice) was really supporting you- because you deserve to feel supported in your crafting, and you deserve beautiful colourways that reflect every beautiful, complex aspect of your dynamic personality. 

These colourways are experiments and some may become core colourways, or may just be special offerings. And if you have a suggestion for a name of a Hey Girl colourway, let me know. There is no one version of any of us- we are all sometimes a Thursday Afternoon Girl, a Country Girl, a California Girl. This collection is designed to reflect the gorgeous multifaceted aspects of whatever part of yourself that you want to highlight today!